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Our services

Railroad car rental

Our company rents out railroad cars of various models and years of manufacture from its own rolling-stock fleet. We are also ready to consider the possibility of purchasing new or used rolling stock and to rent it out to a specific lessee.

Modernisation of railroad cars

PROCURA & TRUSTEES OÜ has a vast experience in thorough modernisation of railroad cars. In particular, we completed a multi-stage project of converting timber platforms of Finnish origin (model 23-4000) into gondola cars for transportation of wood chips and other light-weight loads (model 23-4000-01). We can undertake similar projects at the request of a specific lessee.

Repair and maintenance of railroad cars

Our company makes scheduled and current repairs of any cars that are under our own management. If necessary, the service life of cars is extended. On request, we can provide car repair services to external companies.

Supply of spare parts for railroad cars

PROCURA & TRUSTEES OÜ maintains the necessary technological supply of cast parts and wheel pairs in its base depots where its own cars are repaired. If necessary, we can sell or exchange cast details and wheel pairs from the company’s technological supply. Special sales at customers’ requests are also possible.